Dumas & Associates, Inc. empowers community members with the necessary technical and regulatory information to participate effectively with the public agencies, tribal governments, and civic organizations working on the issues they care about.

Our confidential mediation and facilitation, training, and consultation services are used by clients working across organizations, disciplines, and jurisdictions.

We offer a variety of methods and media to address clients’ communications¬†and dispute resolution objectives, like the field-based tour pictured above.

Our firm is grounded in best practices in change management, interest-based problem solving, and collaborative governance. Mary Dumas, President of Dumas & Associates, Inc. brings over 2 decades of experience in dispute resolution to all phases of project design and delivery. Click here for more information on Dumas & Associates, Inc.’s key personnel, associates, and professional experience.

Photo Credit: Dr. C. Bandaragoda, 2008