public involvement practice

—Project Snapshot: Dumas & Associates, Inc. team, Mary Dumas and Susan Carpenter, assessed public involvement practices in 5 departments at the City of Bellingham. Input from 237 stakeholders, a mix of public officials, administration, advisory commissions, neighborhood association leaders, and community activists, provided valuable insight on capacity-building opportunities.
The 2006 Public Involvement Assessment findings provide the Mayor, City Council, department heads, and Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee practical strategies to contribute to ongoing improvements in city-sponsored public involvement activities.

regional economic conditions

—Project Snapshot: Business leaders’ perspectives regarding economic conditions in Whatcom County, Washington were analyzed to inform a regional asset mapping project. Western Washington University’s Center for Economic & Business Research’s research and advisory team conducted survey and interviews. Dumas & Associates, Inc. facilitated the inter-disciplinary analysis work sessions and documentation of initial and final findings.
Emerging themes and key regional concerns summarized in the Interview Report and other asset mapping data will further the Northwest Economic Council’s efforts to develop a regional economic strategy for Whatcom County.