collaborative research

 scenario-based workshops

Project Snapshot: Agricultural producers in 3 Washington counties participated in localized, scenario-based workshops to help the Resilience Institute at Western Washington University better understand small and medium size farm resilience under extreme events or rapid changes to status quo. Dumas & Associates, Inc. worked with the USDA-funded research team to develop a 1/2 day program agenda, county-specific scenario materials and discussion prompts to engage a broad mix of producers.
—Results: Participants provided valuable insights and perspectives on how their operations might be impacted by the conditions outlined in the scenarios, unique vulnerabilities operations of their size, type and location might face, and tools or resources their likely to draw upon. Workshop inputs were documented and analyzed by scenario and county. Preliminary indicators of small and medium farm resilience can be viewed at the Resilience Institute’s website along with other data gathered as part of this USDA-funded research project. For the latest news on this project click here.

project scoping

Project Snapshot: A group of researchers specializing in birds of prey called upon Dumas & Associates, Inc. to facilitate research scoping and collaboration terms for a multi year, 3 continent project, including film, ground crew, and public education logistics.
—Results: Deliberations over the 2 day retreat bore surprising fruit for the team. Project initiator, Falcon Research Group, moved forward with a clarified vision and framework that has supported the successful Southern Cross Peregrine Project. Click here to learn about this amazing Chilean-Arctic Peregrine migration.