organizational change


We help clients get clear about what’s working, what’s not, and how each member contributes to organizational goals and team performance. Dumas & Associates, Inc. provides consultation services for specific projects, as well as on-call services for public and private organizations needing to strengthen human resource and risk management capacities. See contracting for more information about working with us.

strategic planning

Project Snapshot: Western Washington University’s (WWU) Center for Service Learning  conducted a strategic planning initiative with an interdisciplinary advisory council of faculty, administration, and student service. Dumas & Associates, Inc. worked with participants over 4 months to assess current conditions and develop a framework to advance strategic objective across all departments and programs at WWU.
The Center and interdisciplinary partners built clarity regarding the value of service learning, best practices, and opportunities across departments culminating in the addition of a service learning designation in WWU’s course catalog.