public policy

quality improvement initiative

Project Snapshot: Stepping Stones: Bridging Health Care Gaps was one of 14 Medicare improvement demonstration projects conducted in the U.S.. Dumas & Associates, Inc. working with the Qualis Health project team, facilitated the local Steering Committee of hospital and healthcare providers, patient representatives, community partners to identify gaps and improvement strategies to reduce hospital readmissions to PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center.
A patient-centric framework was created to support assessment of current available data, identify priority gaps, and design and evaluate strategic interventions. Small tests of change launched as part of the Stepping Stones project resulted in an 8% improvement in reducing re-admissions of Medicare beneficiaries. Learn more about this Medicare improvement project click here.

State forest lands and recreational planning

Project Snapshot: Department of Natural Resources (DNR) conducted a recreational planning process for the 10,000 acre Reiter Foothills Forest in Snohomish County, Washington, a multi generational, rider-built area adjacent to a designated wilderness area. Dumas & Associates, Inc facilitated the volunteer planning committee that worked together over a 13 month period to prepare science-based recommendations on motorized and non-motorized recreational uses for the area.
Work sessions, map-based activities, and on-site tours helped committee members educate one another about the unique features of the landscape and implications of broad-scale suitability assessment criteria including biological, soils/geological, and management factors. The Reiter Foothills Planning Committee representatives served an important role in sharing information about various recreational uses, preferences, and keeping constituents informed and connected to the planning process. Committee recommendations suggested management zones, zone boundaries, points of access, proposed uses, prioritized development projects, and preferred management strategies for the agency’s consideration in developing a 10-15 year recreational management plan.

watershed management planning

Project Snapshot: From 1999-2005, Mary Dumas, dba Resolution Services LLC, co-designed and facilitated the stakeholder engagement process for this collaborative watershed planning process mandated by the Washington State legislature for the states’ water resource inventory areas (WRIA).
The Planning Unit, an 18 member body, used a representative caucus structure to provide input to the initiating governments City of Bellingham, Lummi Nation, Nooksack Tribe, Whatcom County, and Whatcom County Public Utility District No.1 over a 6 year period. The Planning Unit reached consensus on the scope of work for the technical analysis of water quantity, water quality, fish habitat, and instream flow conditions and the final WRIA 1 Watershed Management Plan, which was approved by the Whatcom County Council in 2005 and accepted by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

forestry landscape planning

Project Snapshot: Mary Dumas, dba Resolution Services, LLC, co-facilitated the Lake Whatcom Landscape Planning Committee’s technical analysis and recommendation development for the Department of Natural Resource’s legislatively-mandated forestry practices plan for this 15,000 acres of working forest located in the Lake Whatcom Watershed. Project services included facilitation of the agency’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) workshops and public hearings.
The inter-jurisdictional committee of citizens, scientists, tribal, and local and state agency representatives developed guiding principles for the Landscape Plan, designed potential alternatives, reviewed scientific analysis, and developed recommendations for the preferred alternatives to be included in the preliminary and final Environmental Impact Statements (EIS).