team and leadership development

high functioning work teams

Project Snapshot: Dumas & Associates, Inc. worked with the Skagit County Chief Corrections Officer to design and launch a staff-wide conflict deescalation and team building program for the Skagit County Jail. All sergeants and deputies participated in program assessments and training sessions over a 4 month period.
Training participants strengthened team within and across shifts. The Chief and leadership team developed and adopted organizational values to guide ongoing staff development working with input staff provided via assessment tools and training exercises. Program evaluations (see feedback below) indicated new practices were adopted and strengthened.

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for arranging the training we had with Mary on Team Building. I really enjoyed it, learned a lot too. Some of the information I already knew but she managed to put it into a perspective I can apply here and now.
 She’s a really sharp woman; such a pleasure to listen to her be so articulate and stay so focused. I especially liked the section on “coping skills”.  We all know it is a long ways from now until we have a new jail built and staffed, but I do feel better equipped, mentally, to deal with the ever stressful in between.  This was by far the best training I have had.  Thanks again, to both of you! “


collaborative leadership

Project Snapshot: Dumas & Associates, Inc. worked with grassroots volunteers develop and conduct Leadership Whatcom’s 2004-2009 community-based leadership program, specifically designed to increase the collaborative capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities. Mary Dumas facilitated all phases of program start up (including national and local scans  of peer county programs, stakeholder analysis, community convening to develop guiding principles, and volunteer recruitment), designed program curriculum framework and served as 2004-2009 program coordinator working with alumni and community leaders to develop and deliver annual program activities and instruction.
Four cohorts completed the 10-month program during its time at the Whatcom Coalition for Health Communities. Participants engaged in field-based and applied learning practicums with leaders working in diverse sectors of our community.  See diagram below for for a snapshot on the legacy of Leadership Whatcom applied learning, promising practices, and community impacts.